Vandenboschia speciosa syn. Trichomanes speciosum. Kilarney fern.

Life-form & Growth Form:

Occurs in gametophyte and sporophyte forms. Rhizomatous.

Spore producing period: 

May to August.


Deep recesses behind cascades, caves, steep rock faces in ravines. Block scree, open mountain cliffs. Occasionally soil or peat covered banks and tree trunks. Acidic to mild basic substrates.  Occupies a wider range of habitats in Ireland compared to elsewhere in EU, sensitive to frost.


Fragmented populations and small number of sporophyte forms. Trampling from livestock.

Static distribution map:
Vandenboschia speciosa syn. Trichomanes speciosum
Vandenboschia speciosa syn. Trichomanes speciosum
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