Spiranthes romanzoffiana. Irish lady’s tresses.

Life-form & Growth Form:

Hemicryptophyte. Herbaceous perennial. Little/no vegetative spread. 

Flowering period: 

July and August.


Wet pastures. Meadows. Lake shores. Cut-over bogs. Prefers nutrient-poor, acidic soil. 


Drainage and re-seeding of pastures and meadows for agricultural use. Eutrophication from agricultural run-off. Excessive cutting of low nutrient amenity grassland and roadside verges. Drainage of wetland habitats. Creation of river levees which prevent natural, seasonal flooding onto marginal pasture and meadows. Overgrazing by livestock. Under-grazing which results in encroachment of scrub. Historic lowering of Lough Neagh water levels. Building sites.

Static distribution map:
Spiranthes romanzoffiana
Spiranthes romanzoffiana
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