Sisyrinchium bermudiana . Blue-eyed grass.

Life-form & Growth Form:

Hemicryptophyte. Herbaceous perennial. Little/no vegetative spread. 

Flowering period: 

June to September.


Wet meadows and pastures. Ditches. Stony lake-shores. Grassy roadside verges. Lowland on poor to moderately fertile, neutral to slightly basic soils.  


Small populations are relatively disjunct and therefore genetically isolated, leading to genetic bottlenecking. Small populations more at risk from stochastic events such as severe flooding or severe drought. Excessive trampling by visiting public and/or unfenced livestock. Over-grazing by livestock. Under-grazing which allows tall herb communities and scrub to shade out S. bermudiana. Habitat loss and fragmentation through drainage and re-seeding of wet meadows for agriculture.  

Static distribution map:
Sisyrinchium bermudiana
Sisyrinchium bermudiana
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