Petallophyllum ralfsii. Petalwort.

Life-form & Growth Form:

Small, pale green, short-lived perennial thallose liverwort which emerges from an underground rhizome-like structure. Although a perennial, the photosynthetic thallus dies back during dry summer months, surviving this period largely underground.  

Flowering period: 



Damp, usually calcareous sandy turf within dune slacks where it is periodically inundated during the winter months. Favours bare, compacted soil e.g. at the margins of paths.  


Under-grazing allows taller herbs and scrub to develop. Excessive trampling by seasonal visitors. Habitat loss and fragmentation through coastal developments, golf course construction and water abstraction. Eutrophication through fertiliser inputs within golf course swards. Myxomatosis can temporarily reduce Rabbit populations, whose digging activities help to create bare ground within which P. ralfsii can colonise. Requires some level of habitat disturbance to periodically create bare ground.  

Static distribution map:
Petallophyllum ralfsii
Petallophyllum ralfsii