Mentha pulegium. Pennyroyal.

Life-form & Growth Form:

Hemicryptophyte. Herbaceous perennial. Rhizome far creeping.  

Spore-producing period: 

August to September.  


Damp, seasonally flooded grasslands overlying silt or clay. Within/margins of shallow pools, runnels, ruts, poached areas caused by vehicle disturbance/livestock. Traditionally managed lowland pastures. Lowland.  


Habitat loss and fragmentation through former lowering of water levels within Lough Neagh. Drainage of wetland habitats to create agricultural land, construction of waterside jetties and dwellings. Overgrazing which poaches the ground excessively and removes all flowering heads. Under-grazing leads to gradual succession of wet grassland to willow carr, which shades out M. pulegium. Excessive trampling by livestock due to absence of waterside exclusion fencing. 

Static distribution map:
Mentha pulegium
Mentha pulegium
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