Lycopodiella inundata. Marsh clubmoss.

Life-form & Growth Form:

Chamaephyte. Herbaceous perennial. Short creeping, rooting at the nodes.  

Spore-producing period: 

June to September.  


Shallow, peaty pools and on bare peat within lowland raised bogs.  


Loss and fragmentation of lowland raised bog habitat through peat cutting, peat drainage and reclamation for agriculture. The species is found within a single site and, although well protected here, such a restricted distribution leaves the species vulnerable to regional extinction. Lack of habitat management allows all areas of bare peat to be colonised by vegetation, and taller species to dominate thereby shading out L. inundata – including colonisation of trees such as Betula pubescens, Pinus sylvatica and the invasive non-native Rhododendron ponticum.  

Static distribution map:
Lycopodiella inundata
Lycopodiella inundata
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