Hierochloe odorata. Sweet grass.

Life-form & Growth Form:

Hemicryptophyte. Herbaceous perennial. Rhizome far-creeping. 

Flowering period: 

April and May.


A range of wetland habitats including lakeside reed-beds, sedge swamps, riverbanks and wet meadows, also on peaty mud and among other grasses at the edge of runnels and flushes. Known to grow in sandy soil at its sole NI station, however also grows in acidic peaty soils.  


Habitat destruction through drainage, overgrazing and under grazing, poaching by livestock, mowing, agricultural intensification. Excessive trampling by livestock due to absence of waterside exclusion fencing.  

Static distribution map:
Hierochloe odorata
Hierochloe odorata
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