Erigeron acris syn. E. acer. Blue fleabane.

Life-form & Growth Form:

Therophyte/hemicryptophyte. Herbaceous annual, biennial or monocarpic perennial. Little/no vegetative spread. 

Flowering period: 

July and August.


Coastal sand dunes. Open, infertile, well-drained, neural to calcareous soils. Sand pits. Spoil, waste heaps from quarries, railway ballast, industrial waste and cylinders, rock outcrops of limestone or chalk.  


Primary threat is lack of suitable grazing to keep sward short and areas of bare, sandy turf which are needed for seed germination and seedling survival. As a result, plants are easily shaded out by tall herb and scrub communities.

Static distribution map:
Erigeron acris syn. E. acer
Erigeron acris syn. E. acer
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