Anacamptis morio syn. Orchis morio. Green veined orchid.

Life-form & Growth Form:  

Non-bulbous geophyte. Herbaceous perennial. No/little vegetative spread.  

Flowering period: 

May & June.


Short maritime grassland close to sea shore. Associated with limestone rich eskers and gravel pits. Short damp alluvial grassland to open dry lowland grassland. Base-rich to mildly acidic soils. Hey meadows and pastures. Heaths and roadside. Quarries, gravel pits, churchyards and lawns.  


At risk from visitor activities such as trampling, picnicking and picking of flowers. Climate change and rising sea levels will eventually flood the existing low-lying grassland. The single site distribution and small population size within Northern Ireland makes this species very vulnerable to regional extinction. Application of inorganic fertilisers. Prolonged absence of grazing or cutting causing dominance of competitors.

Static distribution map:
Anacamptis morio
Anacamptis morio

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