Welcome to the home of the newly founded project SOS8, Save Our Schedule 8’s. Funded by DAERA and NIEA.

The project has completed its 2020/21 winter stage of desk based research collecting, collating and cataloging records of our schedule 8 species. It was with the kind permissions of our Vice-county recorders that BSBI and CEDaR supplied their data. As a result of this great work, our project was able to advance quickly. We show in this website the work we completed to date.

The next stage of the SOS8 project has commenced with the first flowers emerging. We have started searching at old locations and furthermore we are also keeping an eye out in prime habitats for previously recorded stands.

Stage three of the project involves seed collections. For the populations where we can find suitable amounts of seed, we are making collections. Seed can be stored safely in the seed bank or sown under protection. This affords species security greater than that of the wild population alone. Sown seed grown to plants which are brought to maturity can and do provide further ex-situ collection opportunities. Mature plants can also be repatriated where appropriate.
It is our intention that through this part of the project by working in partnership with other individuals and organisations that we can work towards bringing some of our most endangered species back from near extinction and into abundance.

Our work is carried out with in consultation with DAERA, NIEA and land owners. Each part of the project: the collections, growing, planting out is catalogued and monitored. This is so that going forward there is a clear picture of the original populations and any new populations. This information is important. Whilst we want the plants we work with to thrive, we also want natural processes and populations to remain distinct and visible.